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Hannah Kay

Born: England 1995

Lives: London

Multidisciplinary British Contemporary Artist Hannah Kay specialises in mix media textiles sculpture and installation. Creating ‘situations’ in which the viewer can move through and respond to through the visual and suggested movement of the work creating movement through the viewer. The works encompass not only the space but the viewer giving them the opportunity to interact, question and play in a conscious state of mind. Creating an almost playground in which feelings of excitement and a childlike state are encountered. Encouraging viewers with visual and literal connections to forms and notion created through the works. Divulging the anthropomorphisms of basic every day materials connecting you to this moment as you watch something change and evolve linking the senses and authorship. A functionality is highlighted as the everyday objects become a tool of change. The works connect not only the audience to the physical work but bonds the audience members together even if only for that moment when the comfortability of function meets the desire of investigation. Often choosing recycled materials adding a spontaneity and unknowing to the works and experience. A process of experimentation and development is the basis of a project and can take on many roles. There is a strong sense of DIY within the work and can see the influences of the textiles crafts such as weaving and tapestry whilst opposing these traditions with a feminine critique on the expressionist movement. The viewer, their engagement and experience is crucial and preconceived by the artists, due to this the exhibitions themselves often become real life experiments where Kay understands and learns about the audiences connections and communications with the work. Developing and experimenting with materials is where the Kay fines joy creating the new. Inspired by materiality, altering, combining, reusing and directly responding to their boundaries.

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